Around the Horn (September 1)

The Antifragile Christian

“As great as it sounds, antifragility is increasingly lean these days. More and more examiners of our culture bemoan, instead of antifragility, a brittleness that has seeped into the West. Intolerant of differences, words are viewed as violence, debates as toxic, and disagreements as assaults on self-sovereignty. The concept of trauma is bloated to now include anything that’s done against individual ‘truths,’ and the obsession with eliminating threats, both real and perceived, celebrates the title of ‘victim’ whenever it’s convenient to do so. In short, fragility reigns.”

Only Use Authority in the Fear of God

In this post, Mark Dever asks, “Is all authority abusive? Is all authority—by virtue of one person having power over another person—in its very nature, abusive? I ask these questions in a day when accounts of sad experiences with abusive pastors are all too common.”

Life in the Blood

“Therefore, when Jesus invites us to drink his blood, he is saying that only in his endangered life can we find life. When he invites us to eat his flesh, he is saying the same thing. Only in him and his coming sacrifice will we have life. Jesus is your mighty man. He binds himself to you by his love, he secures life for you, and you respond by faith, which is another way of saying, “Yes, I need your life.”

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