Around the Horn (August 18)

The Bible tells us the rest of the story about who we are

Leaning on Francis Schaeffer, this post notes that we get a partial picture of reality but, “the Bible fills in the rest of the missing details and we can see the whole story, the whole glorious picture – how we are made in the image of God, how we fell, how the world is therefore corrupted and broken yet we still bear God’s image. It explains how and why there is a real right and wrong, and how we, by virtue of sinning against God, deserve his wrath. But then God sent his son Jesus Christ into the world to live a perfect life and die on the cross for us to bear the punishment we deserved, so that through faith in him we might have the righteousness of God. This restores us into relationship with God himself, the one who created all things.”

What Vin Scully Taught Me

Iconic Dodges announcer Vin Scully died earlier this month. This post is a heartfelt appreciation for Vin and the beautiful game he called.

Preaching is Hard, Act like It

“Even for the best among us, preaching is hard. Preachers get in trouble when we act like it isn’t.”

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