Around the Horn (August 4)

Listen, Then Preach

“When we yield to the hammering effect of the Word that we experience in sermon preparation, we welcome weakness and inadequacy. But when we take up the hammer, and refuse to put it down, we remain on the outside of God’s Word. The movement from hammering to being hammered, from above the text to under the text, is one of prayer.”

The Value of Knowing Both Sides

“This skill—the skill of articulating both sides of an issue—is one that is in short supply in American culture. Most debates that we observe on television consist of two people trying to outshout and demonize each other. This is because it is much easier to dismiss opposing arguments than it is to understand them.”

Parents, You May Be the Real Hindrance to Your Child’s Success

“One of the greatest struggles of parenthood is watching our children deal with disappointment and failure. So often, we want to jump in and shield them or micromanage their circumstances to get them out of it. Our natural inclination is to coddle while actively working behind the scenes to manipulate the world so that all their dreams come true. But what if this approach is the hindrance to your child’s ultimate success? What if worthy goals are only fulfilled through adversity and failure and learning to get back up? What if true maturity requires suffering?”

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