Around the Horn (July 14)

Courage is Contagious

Here we see how just a little bit of courage can spur on more courage. Be courageous in the little situation and you are more likely to be courageous is the big situation.

The Great Commission We Overlook

“Luke’s Great Commission prioritizes the Spirit’s power in preaching a gospel message that’s rooted in the entire biblical story. As we understand the unique contribution of Luke’s commission, we will be better equipped to reach the nations for Christ.”

The Lasting Legacy of Ordinary Believers

“Is there anything useful we can really do for the work of God’s kingdom? Even if we feel inadequate, if we are not well-connected to powerful people, and if we are not impressive preachers or anything? Well, of course! The vast majority of God’s work in the world is done through ordinary Christians, people who in the eyes of the world are no-one special.”

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