Around the Horn (July 7)

Help! I’ve Been Asked to Deliver the Announcements

Sometimes you will see churches doing away with the announcement time in their worship gatherings. They will offer various reasons for doing so, but what if instead of deleting the announcement time we redeemed it?

Stop Chasing Significance on a Stationary Bike

“Whether we’re buying a bike or posting a picture, we are often actually searching for status and significance. We’re just doing so with all the wrong saviors. While it may be easy for you or I to recognize the shell game Peloton’s commercials are playing, we may have missed what is right under our own noses.”

The Bible: How do you read it?

“We don’t just want to read the Bible as a book about Jesus, we also want to make sure we do not stop short of coming to him for life! This is not just a one time, initial coming to faith, response. This is an ongoing need.”

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