Around the Horn (June 30)

Is Sermon Application Even Necessary?

“God’s very purpose for his Word is the transformation of his people. When we labor toward providing the local church with clear, compelling, and transformative sermon application, we are cooperating with God’s purpose for his Word.”

Churches Need Expository Preaching

“Churches need pastors committed to expository preaching. An expository sermon submits its shape, emphasis, and argument to the Biblical text being preached. The point of the passage is the point of the sermon. A commitment to expository preaching exposes our convictions about the Bible.”

The Beauty of Duty

In this post Tim Challies notes, “Never leave undone for a moment the duty of that moment. Never leave undone for a day the duty of that day, or for a season the duty of that season. To do so is to risk wasting your entire life, for a lifetime is made up of seasons and seasons of days and days of moments.”

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