Around the Horn (June 23)

The Moments that Matter

“Most of life is forgettable. Husbands serving their wives. Wives loving their husbands. Diapers changed. Sermons preached. Bills paid. Work done. Entirely forgettable moments, and yet these are the moments that count because life is an accumulation of them.”

Preaching and the Puritans

This is a helpful video from Joel Beeke on the unique and effectiveness of Puritan preaching.

The Harder Our Earth, the Sweeter Our Heaven

“While we do not wish to suffer, we must be confident that God always has purposes in it. And one of these purposes is undoubtedly to prepare us for what is to come, to shift our hearts from earth to heaven, from what is temporal to what is eternal. The sorrows here prepare us for the glories there.” 

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