Around the Horn (May 19)

J. I. Packer on the 6 Things You Should Tell Yourself Every Day

Drawing implications from Packer’s time-tested Knowing God, Justin Taylor offers six things believers should reminder themselves of daily.

Standing on the Authority of God’s Word

“The Word of God is our highest authority. Therefore, we also need to become acquainted with the supreme value of Scripture and the benefits it brings to our daily lives. Understanding the transcendent worth of God’s Word not only helps us grow more deeply in love with the Savior; it helps point our generation to the truth that can be found in Jesus Christ alone.”

Defeating the Idolatry of Outrage

“Why are we so consumed with indignation and claiming offense? In a sense, outrage is cultural super glue, binding together individuals quickly and strongly over shared disgust. It’s a shortcut to developing community and finding purpose.”

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