Around the Horn (May 12)

My Prayer for Preaching

Here, Nathaniel Martin talks about the importance of carrying an attitude of prayer into the pulpit each time.

Four Temptations Young Preachers May Face

In this post, Chopo Mwanza offers a good assessment of how pride and well up in the evidence itself in the young preacher, while all preachers should be on guard against these four temptations.

We don’t need to rescue biblical characters from themselves

Since the Bible is truth it is honest. It is honest about human nature, and we should be as well, but, “There is a tendency among some to always try to rescue the biblical characters from themselves. The inclinations is to say these are essentially good people and the impulse is to try to justify their sin or smooth off their rough edges. This very often leads to a desire to set them up as great heroes of the faith for us to emulate. The Lord’s people, especially those chosen for specific tasks, must be blameless or, at least, sanitised [sic] by understanding.”

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