Around the Horn (May 5)

Preaching That “Draws the Hallelujah”

The world is constantly seeking our hallelujahs for its comforts and trifles, but how do preachers coax hallelujahs for what really matters?

The Word is Worth the Work

“In Bible reading as well as mountaineering, many would like the experience of heart-skipping beauty without working their quadriceps to jelly. We often would prefer, say, to drive to the summit of Romans 8 without traversing the rocky fields of reasoning, and climbing the alpine slopes of argumentation, and patiently tracing the winding paths of logic in Romans 1–7. We want the thrill of spiritual feelingwithout the labor of spiritual thought.”

Why It’s Hard to Pray in the Modern World

In this post, Casey McCall notes that sometimes we struggle to pray because (borrowing from David Foster Wallace) we are like fish who don’t realize we are in water.

Preaching Truth as it is in Jesus

Be sure to check out David Prince’s latest book Preaching Truth as It is In Jesus: a Reader on Andrew Fuller.

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