Around the Horn (April 21)

The Absurdity of Preaching

“Absurdity arises when we focus on one aspect of our call. The prophet in us wants the sermon to cut to the heart, for heaven and hell are at stake, and joy and abundant life are available to those who hear. But when wholehearted preaching is received with a halfhearted response, we wonder, have I cared too much? Am I absurd for feeling so deeply, for believing this in my bones? Or worse, have my desires for this church exceeded God’s? Why didn’t he lead them to respond?

Contentment Turns All It Touches to Gold

In this post, Randy Alcorn shares some of an email that his recently deceased wife Nanci sent to a group of ladies. It is worth your time.

Our Christian Terminology Is Built on the Old Testament

“When it comes to the nuts and bolts of the gospel, the NT often adopts essential concepts/words from the OT, particularly the Greek version.1 If we want to know what the key words above mean—not to mention others like sacrificeimpurityguiltholinesscondemnation, and so on—we have to open the OT to see how they are described. Knowing the OT at some basic level is essential to deciphering Christianese.”

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