Around the Horn (April 14)

The Grammar of Puritan Preaching

“Just as essential as phonics is for teaching a child how to read, so too the Bible was the sine qua non of Puritan preaching. The Puritans were not just Theo-centric, they were Word-centric. The full-orbed implications of the Reformation maxim sola scriptura were writ large upon the face of Puritan preaching.”

Spiritual Resilience

“We are much more resilient than we think we are, and our faith grows through training. However, if we want to stand firm in the faith when things get difficult, we need to prepare when things are easy, but how are we to do this?”

More than Doing: Categories for Applying God’s Word

“Reading, hearing, or talking about the Bible is not enough. We must apply God’s truth to the trenches of life. Without application, there will never be transformation,” but how do we read a narrative passage, for example, and apply it in a way that causes us to do something, or are there more options?

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