Around the Horn (March 31)

All of Our Opinions All of the Time

One of the dangers of social media is the need people have to share their opinions on everything. As Chris Martin notes, “If you build your platform on hot takes about every current event, you’re not a thought leader—you’re a 21st century carnival barker whose main attraction is himself.?

Theology without Affection

Leaning on Jonathan Edwards, Blake Long notes in this post, “You perhaps know the intricacies of the Trinity debate that has been going on for the last five years; you might even understand the complexities that come with the doctrine of the hypostatic union (it’s impressive simply to know what that phrase means!). But the Bible is clear: your knowledge means nothing if it is not accompanied by love.”

5 Preaching Pet Peeves

This post is pretty straight forward. Jared Wilson shares some things that hinder preaching, noting, “I thought I would share some pet peeves of mine when it comes to preaching, because I think they are shared by others as well. In the end, those of us who preach want to remove any unnecessary barriers between understanding the word, believing the gospel and the people who are listening.”

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