Around the Horn (March 17)

The Absurdity of Selfishness and the Certainty of Death

“Have you ever considered it, the absurdity of selfishness? Think about it. When our sole aim is to make much of ourselves and be made much of by others, death is the ultimate slap in the face. Death destroys everything we hold dear. One of the main reasons we struggle with death is because, as Timothy Keller claims, we focus our attention on “this-world meaning and fulfillment.” It’s absurd. Nothing in this life will last.”

Real Presence in the Old Testament

This article does an excellent good demonstrating the church’s consistent and continual proclamation through the centuries of the truth that Christ is God from the Old Testament.

You Preach to Ordinary People

Here is a reminder that when the preacher steps into the pulpit, they are stepping in front of real people with real fears, questions, struggles, and joys. So, preach accordingly.

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