Around the Horn (March 3)

The Only Way is Ordinary

“Ordinary means of grace are sufficient because our problems are ordinary. This is one of the things that becomes gloriously clear when you read books older than your parents, or heck, even when you just talk to your parents. The market of extraordinary means thrives in direct proportion to how little we are aware of the past, of the lives of others, or even the nature of objective reality. When you become hermetically sealed in the present, ordinary becomes a synonym for “ineffective.”

Preaching Series: Six Strengths

“Some churches always preach sermons in a series. Some churches never do. Here are six strengths of well-planned series.”

The Weightiness of Words

“These days, talk is cheap, but it lands with amazing expense. If you’ve ever doubted the biblical word on the tongue being a fire (James 3:5-6), you need only check your preferred social media stream to see the ongoing conflagrations being kindled minute by minute. The world is more connected than it’s ever been, and thus we have more opportunities than we’ve ever had to wound others with perhaps our most devastating weapon.”

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