Around the Horn (February 10)

In Love with the Life You Don’t Have

“How many of us can truly say with C.S. Lewis’s character in Shadowlands, “You know, I don’t want to be somewhere else anymore. I’m not waiting for anything new to happen . . . not looking around the next corner and over the next hill. I’m here now. That’s enough.” Instead, unhappiness finds us wanting a life we don’t have. If thisthis, and this happens, then I’ll be content. The easiest loves are the ones we don’t have. Our neighbor’s grass grows greener as we keep staring at it. If our desires could remain on our own property, we would be happier. We would better love the life we have.”

Redemptive Force

In this post, Peter Meade offers a helpful thought on the clearness of a gospel presentation from the various texts of scripture, and mistakes to avoid.

There is no such Thing as a Post-Truth World

“Why do we resist the truth? Because deep in our souls is the desire to be the masters of our own destiny, and truth too often gets in the way. Truth stands outside and above us. Truth doesn’t bow the knee to our preferences, no matter what Orwellian language we adopt, euphemisms we deploy, or pronouns we insist upon.”

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