Around the Horn (February 3)

Preaching is Different on a Screen

“But I do think there is something necessarily different about listening to sermon in person and watching it on a screen. That isn’t to say it is wrong to watch them on a screen. If you were serving in Sunday School, or you were sick that week, it is great to be able to catch up with what you missed. But watching it back on a screen – helpful as that can be – just isn’t as good as sitting and listening to it a sermon in person. The fact is, we experience a sermon differently when we listen in person, to a live preacher, surrounded by other believers.”

Brother-Theologians: Preach the Word!

“In theology, we are not just called to study and store up knowledge of the truth. We are called to study to show ourselves approved so that we may preach—or teach, or write, or counsel, or anything else that qualifies as heralding the good news—sound doctrine.”

Carl Ellis: The Forgotten History of African American Missions

Perhaps you’ve never heard the name George Leile, but if you love missions you should get to know him. “George Leile is America’s first missionary. He’s not America’s first black missionary; he was America’s first missionary.”

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