Around the Horn (January 20)

The Power of the Ordinary Moments

“Few realized the Christ would come, not in pomp or power, but in humility, frailty, and infancy. Even fewer realized the Christ would conquer, not by army, sword, or uprising, but by a cross. And these unexpected workings of God aren’t unique to the birth or death of Christ. This is how God has worked all throughout history.”

The Harvest of Homemaking

“Homemakers often find ourselves without support — not physical support, the absence of which is so loudly reflected on, but rather the spiritual support of understanding why this field of work is glorious, worthy, essential, God-honoring, and strategic. We need an understanding of the value of the home that is strong enough to endure the tumultuous cultural winds around us. We need to see clearly how we are serving God in and with our work.”

Norman Rockwell, Mooreeffoc, and the Delight of the Commonplace

“Norman Rockwell’s famed realism and attention to detail take that which is commonplace, and make it once again both startling and delightful. He aims to make us see the world that is really here, but that we so often take no notice of, precisely because it’s so familiar to us that we don’t bother to see it.”

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