Around the Horn (December 30)

In the Darkest Night: Draw Near, Hold Fast, Consider Others

In dark times we struggle to look outward, and focus inward on self. In this post, Christina Fox reminds us that the remedy in the darkness is outward focused, not inward.

Between a Hamster and a Hard Place

In this post, Dan Dewitt notes that life is not always the idillic. He writes, “That brings us back to the center of the Christian faith. Our hope is grounded in something deeper than the fleeting pleasure of temporary gifts. Even if our daughter didn’t have a hamster allergy, that little rodent wouldn’t last forever. It would get flushed like the goldfish we bought them a couple years ago. Well, maybe the hamster wouldn’t get flushed, but you get the point. We can’t keep our kids from facing the reality of the difficulties of life.”

Global Missions and the Treason of Conversion

“Throughout Scripture, when individuals convert, their communities often feel betrayed. To embrace the Triune God as Lord is to repudiate all other lords, identities, and systems. This decision, in the eyes of the world, amounts to treason. Treason. If true conversion is indeed a form of communal “treason,” this has inestimable implications for the missionary task.”

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