Around the Horn (December 16)

C.S. Lewis on How Sin Makes Us Stupid

In this post, Casey McCall notes, “Theologians have long reflected on the “noetic effects of sin,” or the way that sin negatively impacts the mind and understanding. The problem with humanity, the apostle Paul tells us, is that our refusal to honor and give thanks to God has led to futile thinking and darkened hearts (Romans 1:21). In other words, our worship habits shape our thinking habits. When we worship God in spirit and in truth, we see the world more clearly. When we worship something else (because everyone is always worshiping), the world becomes darkened.”

Remembering Why We Feast this Christmas

Feasts are typically reserved for celebration. We eat big meals to celebrate any number of occasions, and that is good and right. We have much to celebrate. As this post notes, “The sad reality is that the hardships over the last couple of years have put us in danger of forgetting why we feast. And so, as we begin our Advent season, it is worth pausing and preparing our hearts to remember what our holiday feasting actually is.”

Omnirationality and Divine Providence

Sometimes we can be confounded at the why of our circumstances, but, here, the author notes how the omnirationality of God can help us rightly think about our circumstances.

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