Around the Horn (December 2)

The Not-So-Insignificant Danger of Ingratitude — The Bee Hive

“There is a deadly gas that contaminates the air we breathe. The toxic gas appears unthreatening because everyone appears to breathe it in and breathe it out as harmlessly as oxygen. The poison is ingratitude. And it is everywhere.”

Worth It

The Alliance Defending Freedom have produced a video demonstrating how all life is worth it, and should be cherished.

As Long as it is Called Today

“I am convinced that all of us struggle with procrastination, at least to some degree. For many of us, it is a relatively minor problem. We put off doing certain things for a short time simply because we don’t like them, but we always get around to doing them eventually. We may struggle with a form of procrastination, but it isn’t extensive enough to affect the normal course of our lives. For others of us, however, procrastination is much more debilitating. It keeps us from doing the things that we want to do and can makes us feel badly about ourselves as a result. We feel like a failure because we squander so many opportunities or, despite the best of intentions, we just don’t follow through.”

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