Around the Horn (October 7)

Ploughing, Plodding, and Revival

As this post notes, the day after day plodding is good, right and necessary for survival. He author writes, “Much of the Christian life is plodding. And that’s ok because there’s glory in faithful, long-haul plodding with Jesus over the course of a lifetime.”

The “Bad Math” of Derailing Spiritually

As C.S. Lewis notes, there is a need to be heavenly minded. Scott Sauls acknowledges that is not always easy. He writes, “But if we are being honest, many Christians struggle to keep their minds and hearts fixed on what Lewis calls “the next” world. With goals to chase, degrees to earn, careers to pursue, friendships to enjoy, families to raise, retirement accounts to build, and more, we are easily distracted from our chief purpose as human beings—to glorify God and enjoy him forever.”

All mission should end in local church

“At the end of the day, all mission should be working to this end: the planting of a biblical church. If you are doing evangelism or running mission with no intent of building a local church, I will go as far as to say you are doing it wrong. All biblical mission ends in local church.”

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