Around the Horn (September 16)

Preaching Is Not Just Information Transfer

Here Colin Hansan notes, “The best preacher for you is the preacher who is faithful to God’s Word. Even better if he’s willing to meet you over coffee or visit you in the hospital. There’s a reason we don’t only read Scripture together in each worship service. Preaching brings the authority of God’s Word to bear, through the mediating personality and experience of the teacher, on a contemporary context with particular local and personal demands.”

Devote Yourself to Faithfulness

Jon Bloom offers a help definition of faithfulness, “True to your word. That is a concise, clear definition of what it means to be a faithful person. There is consistency between what you say and what you do, between what you believe and how you behave, between what you promise and what you perform.”

Patriotism: Love and Loyalty Without Idolatry

Patriotism can be good and right. In fact, a mutual love for country is how countries thrive, but there is a danger of idolatry. Here, the author describes that balance.

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