Around the Horn (September 2)

Backyard Missions: Recognizing the Value of Mundane Moments

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in self we overlook the image bearers around us. At points we need to be awakened to the need of others. This author shares such a time writing, “God used our car being totaled to expose my pride and force me to understand the plights of most people in this new city. The anger and frustration that I carried with me on the bus needed to be replaced by a gospel-centered urgency and affection for the image-bearers around me.  ”

The Gold Mine in the Local Church

The local church is were deep lasting ministry is meant to happen. For all the books, conferences, and popular speakers out there, it is foolish to overlook the people you set beside on Sunday morning.

The Wife Who Sailed with Adoniram Judson

The opening paragraph makes you want to keep reading, “On February 18, 1812, Ann and Adoniram Judson (ages 21 and 22) boarded the Caravan in the New England port of Salem. They had been married for less than two weeks, and set sail for Asia, expecting not to see America again.”

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