Around the Horn (August 26)

Bearing Burdens, Being Gods

When you look at the world it is possible to become overwhelmed and experience anxiety and weariness. In truth, we can’t fix all the world’s problems nor are we supposed to. As the post notes, “We are weary because in an attempt to image our Savior we may actually be trying to be him.”

The World Is Catechizing Us Whether We Realize It or Not

In this post, Kevin DeYoung speaks of the ways that believers are bombarded by culture and worldliness. He notes, “It is worth remembering David Well’s famous definition: worldliness is whatever makes righteousness look strange and sin look normal. Here’s the reality facing every Christian in the West: the money, power, and prestige of the mainstream media, big time sports, big business, big tech, and almost all the institutions of education and entertainment are invested in making sin look normal.”

Reformed Evangelistic Preaching in the Sermons of Samuel Davies

Leaning on the example of Samuel Davies, Robert Norman writes, “So the question remains, “What should preaching be? Should we be building people up on the Word in doctrine, or should we be preaching for the conversion of souls?” I would answer that we should be doing both in our preaching.”

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