Around the Horn (August 12)

The Olympics are about Failure

Failure is necessary, just look at athletes in the Olympics. Often it is a better teacher than victory. As this post points out, “This is not simply the secular aphorism that failure makes us stronger. It doesn’t always do so. Some failures are so devastating or so complete that it may be hard to find a redemptive arc. Some failures make us bitter rather than better. When we’re willing to learn from its instruction, however, failure can be the best thing that ever happened to us. The Bible is rife with stories of failure.”

Washing Dishes and the Futility of Life

“When we work for the Lord, we learn to find delight in our tasks. Not because our tasks themselves are inherently fun or interesting — but because they are dedications of our commitment to the Lord, to work for His pleasure. This offering to him will not return void. The teacher tells us that there is nothing better for us, than to find enjoyment in what we do.”

Is it complicated or is it difficult?

Most of the things in life that are good and right are not complicated, but that doesn’t mean easy. They take discipline and sacrifice. Often when we are unwilling to be disciplined and sacrifice, and offer the excuse of its too complicated.

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