Around the Horn (August 5)

Live Where You Live

Modern technology can make having a sense of place fleeting, but it is important to live where you are. The author of this post notes, “Living where we are makes the world big again. It awakens us to the everyday wonders in our homes, neighborhoods, and churches. It reminds us that the most exciting and urgent matters happen not on screens, but in the successes and struggles of the ordinary brothers and sisters in our small group.”

The Art of Drawing the Line in Preaching

I once had a preaching mentor say one of the most important things about preaching is what you leave in the trashcan. This post helps us think through where we draw the line of what stays and goes.

Don’t Feel Sorry for or Fear for Your Kids; Raise Them up to Walk in Faith

Chances are the world your children are going to live in is much different from the one you are currently navigating, and that is okay. Your responsibility as a parent is the same, training them to live faithfully no matter the state of world around them.

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