Around the Horn (July 15)

Making the Christian Life More Complicated Than It Needs To Be

Tim Challies gets to the root of the matter, writing, “We sometimes make the Christian life more complicated than it needs to be and more complicated than it ought to be. For when it comes right down to it, God calls us to nothing more, and nothing less, than to obey. The only thing that really matters in any context or any circumstance is obedience to God’s will as it is revealed in God’s Word.”

Slot Machine Christianity

This post asks an important question, “Too often we approach the Christian life, relationships, and ministry with similar expectations. We assume that if we put in enough time, effort, and faithful service—enough quarters in the slot—in the end it will turn out well for us. The payoff will come—and even in this life. But surely, we don’t think that way, do we?”

The Lasting Influence of Carl F. H. Henry

Carl Henry is a giant in evangelicalism. In his various roles he stood on the forefront of evangelical thinking in the 20th century, but is influence is much more than the positions he held.

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