Around the Horn (July 1)

A Brief History of How Friendships Like Yours Can Change the World

“Every Christian wants to make a difference. But few of us know how to turn that desire into action. We look around at all the needs and opportunities, and we think to ourselves, “So . . . what do I already have that can make actually a difference?” There are countless ways to answer that question. But here’s one easy answer that’s usually overlooked: “Your friends!” 

Get sovereignty right & the rest falls into place

“Let me say it from the front end: I think understanding God’s ultimate sovereignty over all things as one of the key doctrines that unlocks so many others. That isn’t to say other doctrines aren’t important, or foundational, but I do think understanding God’s absolute sovereignty over everything goes a really long way to helping us understand so much about the Christian life.”

The Underappreciated Blessing of Duty

“You and I live in a world that elevates personal desire above everything. And it is exhausting. The wisdom of the age says being true to yourself and following your dreams brings freedom. But how often the opposite is true! If you live solely for your own desires, Wordsworth says, you are in bondage to something chaotic and always changing.”

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