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30 Reasons Why It Is a Great Thing to Be a Pastor

The title really says it all. In this post, John Piper lists thirty reasons it is great to be a pastor. Pastor, if you need a good reminder, here it is.

The Absolute Authority of Scripture

“Andy Davis delivered a message to the Carolinas Regional Chapter of TGC titled “How the Scriptures Equip,” as a part of the series “Equipped for Every Good.” Teaching from 2 Timothy 3:14–17, he argued that Scripture alone is sufficient to equip believers for our journey of salvation—from unbelief to faithful followers of Jesus. He then applied that truth to the responsibility pastors steward as they preach and lead their churches. Summarizing Spurgeon, Davis challenged his audience: “There should be real teaching in your sermon. The doctrine should be solid and substantial. There should be a system of truth building up in your hearers if they hear you over a length of time.” And Scripture—in concert with the ministry of the Holy Spirit—provides all you need to wisely lead each person under your care.” You can listen to the message or read the transcript.

William Carey: Keeping the Grand End in View

Jason Duesing offers a brief biography of William Carey’s ministry, but adds that Carey’s ministry can teach us today, noting, “Studying the life and ministry of William Carey is a wonderful way to encourage present and future Christians in their service to the churches of God. Indeed, the proper study of the history of Christianity leads one to see the work of God to preserve and expand his church (Matthew 16:18) from generation to generation. God’s plan is bigger than, although it certainly involves, individualized ministries, but as the life of Carey shows, our Lord has designated his churches as the vehicles to carry out the Great Commission. There is no Carey and modern missions movement if a group of cooperating churches did not gather to send him.”

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