Around the Horn (June 10)

Holy Power for Imperfect Preachers

Here, Ray Ortlund writes, “Although we pastors revere the preaching of the gospel, every one of us falls short. Our performance is uneven. Our motives are mixed. Our theology isn’t perfect. Nothing about us is perfect. But even though imperfect pastors preach imperfect sermons, the Holy Spirit can empower even ourministry of the word. Amazing grace, right?,” and notes why it might be a good thing.

Let Passing Controversies Pass

In this post, David Mathis makes the case that the temptation for pastors to speak to every controversy is not new, and he shows that Scripture offers wisdom for confronting this temptation.

Think Small for Big Improvements in Preaching

The chances that you are going to revolutionize your preaching overnight are small, but, as Jonathan Pennington notes there are small things your can do to greatly improve. Honestly, he says, that is really how many changes happen, with small steps.

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