Around the Horn (May 27)

Faithful Application of the Word of God

In this post, Jared Wilson highlights the need to rightly balance law and Gospel. He notes, “And out of the angst of the attractional church model and its heavy emphasis on “making the Bible relevant” and its promotion of a pragmatic Christianity, some in the “gospel-centered movement” have sometimes veered too much the other way, forgetting that to be gospel-centered does not mean to be law-avoiding. We are a people of polarization – we are on the pendulum swing. To avoid the attractional church’s cool legalism we end up unwittingly embracing a soft antinomianism.”

What Exactly Is “Sola Scriptura” Protecting Us Against?

“At the heart of Sola Scriptura, is the recognition that fallen humans are always looking to replace God’s authority with some other human/creaturely authority.  After all, that was the essence of the very first sin in the garden.  The rebellion of Adam and Eve was fundamentally a rejection of God’s word that if they ate of the fruit they would surely die.”

What If I’m Not The Best At Anything?

“Maybe it’s enough to develop my skills in ways that are truly beneficial to the people around me, and use them that way, and maybe it doesn’t matter two beans if someone else happens to use the same skills more skilfully than I do. Maybe the point of strengths is not to be better than everyone else, but to use them to make things better for everyone else.”

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