Around the Horn (May 13)

The Missing Conversation in Our Accountability

This post points to a lack of what the Puritans called “holy discourse.” The author notes, “When a history of secret sin is suddenly revealed in the life of a Christian leader, the results are catastrophic. Families and victims are devastated, ministries are destroyed, and the reputation of the Lord Jesus is maligned. Unfortunately, what we see in a public failure is often repeated dozens of times in situations much closer to home. As we try to make sense of a ministry collapse, we’re prone to ask how it is possible that accountability was avoided for so long. Why does accountability seem, so often, to fail?”

Something Much Greater than Success in Ministry

“Can you imagine casting out a demon? Or helping someone grow a limb back. Or even better raising someone from the dead. Or perhaps more applicable to us, leading thousands to christ who go on to become faithful members of our church. That would be some serious success in ministry! The disciples experienced all that. They casted out demons, they rose people from the dead and they saw thousands converted through their preaching. By every standard they were truly successful in ministry. But early on in their ministry Jesus told them about something that is even greater than ministry success.”

What Hath Geneva to do with your Pulpit? How Calvin’s Theology of Preaching Can Impact Your Preaching

Love him or hate him, if you take serious the call to rightly exposit God’s word, then chances are high that you have been and are shaped by John Calvin’s theology of preaching.

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