Around the Horn (May 6)

Endurance in the Christian Life

A mark of the Christian life is endurance, but endurance necessarily assumes time. As this post notes, “The Christian life is all about endurance: Persevering, learning, and growing.One thing we know about growth is that it won’t happen on its own. For plants to thrive they require sunlight, warmth, water and nutrients. There must be time and effort to provide this nourishment.This doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a journey we live day in and day out, one step at a time toward surrender and obedience. Just as the meat you put inside a smoker takes time to cook and flavor through the hickory haze, the circumstances around us shape our growth, as the heat and smoke transform us.”

Why “Us vs. Them” Rhetoric is Damaging Our Christian Witness

“We are living in a moment where social media feeds have been inundated with “us vs. them” rhetoric. This exists on both sides of the political aisle. I’ve seen more examples than I can count in only the last few weeks. “Us vs. them” thinking distracts us from our call to be salt and light in the world. Christians can and should advocate for just and wise policies. When something comes up that the gospel demands we speak into, we should do so boldly and with conviction.”

4 Reasons Preachers Plagiarize

Here, Jared Wilson moves beyond the morality of plagiarizing, and asks why preachers do it. Then offers solutions for those that struggle with the reasons.

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