Around the Horn (April 29)

How Hyperbole Dulls Our Spiritual Discernment

Here, Tom Schreiner notes that hyperbole can be effective, but how it is currently be abused is concerning, “Hyperbole and exaggeration can be effective rhetorical devices, grabbing our attention and constraining us to see what we didn’t see before, but they can also be used for ill and to mislead. I’m increasingly concerned that our hyperbolic exchanges—in person and especially online—are dulling us to actual spiritual danger.”

Preaching with Salt, Fat, Acid, and Heat

“Rather than mass producing fast food lacking in nourishment, a skilled and experienced chef focuses on crafting meals which are an experience unto themselves. In the same way, pulpit ministry ought not be filled with pre-wrapped outlines and stale, predictable elements intended to tickle ears. Qualified men rightly dividing Scripture should deliver quality sermons which showcase the meaning and significance of the text, present an edifying experience for the congregation, and bring glory to God.”

Recovering the Christian Work Ethic

We often hear about the idol of labor/career, but what about the idol of leisure? How should leisure be understood in light of the Christian work ethic?

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