Around the Horn (April 15)

Loyalty Matters: The Misunderstood Virtue

In this post, Matthew J. Hall differentiates between a proper and improper understanding of loyalty and the benefits of a proper understanding. He writes, “Any healthy organization rightly expects that its members will be completely loyal to the mission. Far more important than blind devotion to any individual or a tribal fanaticism, mission-driven loyalty actually has the capacity to create cohesive organizational cultures where innovation happens, ideas move toward execution, and people flourish.”

Pain Our Teacher

This post offers a poem that attempts to wrestle with rightly understanding pain. It author, Campbell Bortel prefaces the poem, “In my wrestlings regarding the pain of this world, I have begun to learn to turn to the Great Physician to see how He is using this pain to shape, heal, and refine me to his image. In this poem, you will see portions of my doubts, prayers, and findings as I have sought the Lord. I pray this poem will help you process the pain too. Pain has a purpose.

Losing Our Religion

In this post, Russell Moore begins to dig deeper in an attempt to understand what he calls the “quiet exodus” from the church.

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