Around the Horn (April 8)

Conspiracy Theory or Gospel Truth?

In this post, Clint Archer lays out the often foolishness of conspiracy theory, then shifts to show how there is really only one conspiracy theory that must be debunked.

Show Up!

Presence is not an aside to the local church. It’s what makes the church. The author of this post expresses its importance, “Folks attending the membership class at our church are often surprised at the emphasis we place on attending our Lord’s Day gathering. However gifted someone might be at talking to teenagers or working on the website, we insist their presence at corporate worship is a far more essential and significant way to serve the flock. This priority isn’t just a particular quirk of our church; it should be a biblical priority for every church.”

How to Grow in Self-Confidence

Is it possible to move from being a timid over overthinker to a person of confidence and at ease in most situations? Tim Challies says it is, and in the end its not about you.

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