Around the Horn (February 25)

Pastor, Preach to the People in the Room

Preaching is of utmost importance for the pastor, but pastors must remember that they preach to people. As Nathaniel Williams notes here, “Knowing our church members’ interests allows us to build common ground with them in the sermon, and it helps us connect biblical truths to them more effectively.”

The Simple Gospel of Carl Henry

Carl Henry, once called the “brain of evangelicalism” understood the importance and simple accessibility of the Gospel. As this blog notes, “. . . although Henry mined the depths of Christian theology, he was not so complex that he could not offer sinners a simple gospel. Once when asked by Paul House about the most important thing to teach seminarians, Henry responded, “Never let them forget the glory of a soul saved.” Henry certainly did not forget.”

The Work Of The Spirit In Preaching

In preaching there is an indivisible connection between the Word and the Spirit, and it is wrong to attempt to dissolve that connection. Borrowing from Robert Letham this blog notes, “. . . without the Spirit, preaching is ineffective, but without the Bible, preaching is inaudible.”

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