Around the Horn (February 11)

The Seductive Sin We Never Talk About

“There’s a dangerous species of pride that often goes unnoticed and unbattled in the Christian life, yet it kills. It poisons relationships. It prevents us from repentance. And because it slyly leads us to justify our wrongdoing by appealing to how we’ve been wronged, the tentacles of pride maintain their grip on the heart, even while we appear humble and needy. I’m talking about self-pity—a sin that is everywhere these days.”

The Christian Life and Preaching

“The goal of preaching is to say what God says. Nothing more and nothing less. We are not here to listen to me, or any other preacher for that matter, expound political views, give book or movie reviews, or even tell unnecessary stories. No, we are here to listen to God speak. So preaching is always an explaining of what the Bible says and an application of that gospel-truth. But what’s happening when a sermon is being preached? What is happening at the Word of Christ is dwelling richly in you? Simply, the answer is that God is active, and we see how he is active and what he is doing here in our text.”

All My Missionary Sermons (2021 Update)

Be sure to check out this helpful resource from Danny Akin, president Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. It is covers multiple years of numerous sermons where he covers the lives of missionaries.

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