Around the Horn (February 4)

Tony Merida on Preaching and Worship

Here, Tony Merida talks about the goal of preaching, noting, “The preacher’s goal is to show people the beauty of Jesus, as revealed in Holy Scripture. The rapper Tupac used to sing, “All eyes on me!” but at the heart of Christian preaching is the opposite plea, “All eyes on Jesus.” Faithful pastors long for people to be captivated by Jesus, with them walking away saying, “What a great Savior” and not “What a great sermon.”

Spurgeon and the Evangelistic Pulpit

In this post, Joshua Mills poses a question and then turns to Spurgeon for the answer, “Do you have that concern? Pastor, is that your focus? Christian, is that the desire of your pastor? As a minister of the gospel, as a fellow Christians, this must be our burning desire. We must long to see the lost saved. We must long to see men raised up to preach the gospel. We must pray that God would raise up men who are godly and mighty in the Scriptures. We must pray for men who fish for the lost. How did Spurgeon train evangelists in his congregation? Where did it begin? How did Spurgeon develop a culture of evangelism in his church? It all began with his pulpit ministry.”

20 Quotes from Russell Moore on Finding Godly Courage

Matt Smethurst complies a helpful list of quotes from Russell Moore’s newest book, The Courage to Stand: Facing Your Fear without Losing Your Soul.

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