Around the Horn (January 28)

Election protesters and ‘Never Trumpers’ in my pews. How can we move forward together?

As this first person reflection notes, there is probably more political diversity in our congregations than we realize. So, the way forward may be difficult but definitely not impossible. As the author writes, “The only way forward is the way upward. Grousing about a stolen election or doling out an “I told you so” will run us aground, belittling the grandeur of the Gospel and exposing the smallness of our faith.”

The Privilege of Pastoring

No one can deny that pastoring can have seasons of difficulty, but forgetting the blessing of pastoring should never an option. There is always reason to be grateful for the people you are called to shepherd.

Be Reasonable for the Sake of the Gospel

Melissa Edgington laments the Christian’s loss of rhetorical skill, writing, “If we continue down this road of unrestrained emotion and tiresome inaccuracies, the church will continue to lose more and more legitimacy in the eyes of those who desperately need Jesus. One of these days we will be held accountable for the things we wrote in the world’s comment boxes. Will we be found faithful in the little things? Every stroke of the keyboard spells out a witness to a watching world. Be reasonable. Be truthful. Be faithful to the One who deserves the best representation all over the world and all over the internet. Do this, for the sake of the gospel.”

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