Around the Horn (January 14)

The Greatest Christians and the Most Visible Gifts

In this post, Tim Challies poses an important question, “

I’m convinced we’re prone to make entirely too much of the most public gifts and entirely too little of the most private. We laud those who stand at the event podiums to preach the Word. We celebrate those who sit on the conference panels to answer our questions. We honor those who pen the few bestselling books. When given the opportunity, we surge forward to shake their hands, to snap a selfie, to share encouraging words. None of these actions is wrong, of course. But in all our excitement and affirmation, is it possible we tacitly communicate that some gifts are better than others, that some are more desirable than others, that some are more essential than others? Is it possible we suggest that the greatest Christians are those with the most visible gifts?”

Why I’ve Been More Critical of the Right Than the Left Lately…

“When we look out on the political horizon in America today, we do not find two viable political parties for Christians to join. Instead, we find two competing secular religions, each one demanding absolute loyalty from its adherents,” writes Casey McCall in this post noting were a Christian’s truth political allegiance should lay.

Damn the Curse of Ham: How Genesis 9 Got Twisted into Racist Propaganda

Scripture is twisted to justify numerous things. Sadly, it has been used to promote theories of racial superiority. Here, Garrett Kell shows why that is not just wrong but dangerous.

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