Around the Horn (January 7)

How Do I Become Passionate About Bible Reading?

In this post, John Piper notes the importance of Bible intake for the believer remarking that Bible reading is not just an addition to the Christian life but at the heart of it. His words, “In other words, we’re not putting icing on the cake of Christianity when we talk about Bible reading. We’re talking about the cake of God’s spiritual plan to preserve you and bring you safely to heaven with all the necessary holiness that the Spirit creates only by the word of God.”

The Teachable Will Lap the Gifted

Giftedness often gets the attention, but those that are humbly teachable are the ones that are more often the ones you want on your “team” or as your friends. This post talks about the promise of the teachable.

When Suffering Comes to Fellowship

Suffering is not something we long for, nor should, but that does not mean it has no purpose for the Christian. “Suffering is not desired by anyone, but as Christians we understand that suffering is not only a promise but a gift and a facet of our intimate walk with Jesus Christ. We are not promised a primrose path in this fallen world, and we are not promised that we will not suffer for the sake of the gospel or that we will not endure hardships and afflictions, but we hold fast to the narrow way leading to Christ, taking up our crosses to come after Him. We do not treat the cross as an accessory to adorn, but as a way of fellowship with our precious Savior.”

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