Around the Horn (December 24)

The Death of My Son and the Birth of My Savior

As mentioned a few weeks back, Tim Challies recently lost his son unexpectedly. In this post, he reflects on how Christmas this year will be different and difficult, but how it also offers hope. May his reflection be an encouragement to others who have encountered loss this year.

Seeing the good and not just the bad

It’s easy to look back at 2020 and focus on the bad, but, as this post asks, what are we missing by only looking at the bad? There are blessings too, if we are just disciplined enough to look for them, and we will probably find more good than bad.

How Postmodern Pseudo-Prophecy Dishonors God

In this post, Joe Carter notes, “You might have assumed the one clear standard is when someone makes a false prophecy. That’s certainly a traditional biblical criteria, rooted in the connection of prophecy to reality and truth. But in our postmodern age, when truth and reality are considered subjective and based more on feelings than on facts, prophets are not so easily shamed. Making false prophecies doesn’t even cause them to question their prophetic abilities.” He then outlines how those in the church are using the same reasoning as those that deny the truth to justify their “God told me . . .”

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