Around the Horn (October 8)

Why Study Church History?

In this post, Pastor Andy Davis writes, “Now, I am well aware that not everyone shares my excitement for church history. Some of my brothers and sisters are into other things that I am not that excited about too… maybe they like certain arts and crafts that don’t really move the needle for me. Maybe they enjoy Christian romance novels that are written in certain historical settings. Maybe they enjoy certain types of exotic cuisine and are very adventurous in sampling strange smelling foods. That’s truly not my thing. Some people like edgy forms of jazz or hip hop that I don’t enjoy. I get it! Church history may seem like one of those acquired tastes, one of those optional things. But it really isn’t. In this brief article, I want to make a case for why every Christian should spend some of their time learning more about the past… learning about how amazing the family of God really is, by his amazing grace.”

The Cure for Celebrity Christian Culture: Faithfulness over Fame

While noting, “I personally know a number of people who could be called “Christian celebrities” but lead by example and genuinely seek to honor God with the platform He has given them. But unfortunately, the modern evangelical culture—including the publishing and music industries as well as larger churches and speaking circuits—sometimes generates Christian celebrities and lavishes them with wealth and attention they’re not prepared to handle. People who think they are entitled to lots of attention and money also tend to think they’re entitled to sexual immorality and other self-indulgences, and are prone to hypocrisy. Countless fallen Christian leaders have demonstrated that financial indulgences and sexual indulgences tend to go hand in hand,” Randy Alcorn makes a case that the remedy for avoiding celebrity and its pitfalls is simple.

Training the Will on the Football Field

The football (or any sports field/arena) can teach us numerous life lessons, but it can also be used as a training ground for the will.

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