Around the Horn (September 24)

Red Rope Christianity

This post warns of the dangers of the distinctions we create, “The tribal mentality of the pagan culture has leached into the people of God. We are Corinthian pagan in our desires, even if our Instagram update, our Twitter handle or our good old fashioned church sign says otherwise. We choose a political side and then judge the people of God according, putting some on the “bad” side of the red rope and some with us on the “good” side. We are enamoured with sources of distinction, and it’s going to tear us apart if we are not careful.”

Self-Deception and the Way Back to Reality

Drawing for the Apostle Peter, Pastor Casey McCall notes, “Peter understands what motivates human beings better than many of us do today. We often operate under a rational-centric view of ourselves whereby we see ourselves as unbiased evaluators of facts. Under this view, we coldly weigh the evidence on both sides of an issue and then make a reasoned choice. This view of the human heart says, “You are what you think.” The Bible paints a very different picture. We are not merely thinking beings; according to Scripture, we are worshipers. We are driven by our desires and affections, and often we form our belief systems around those desires and affections. This accurate portrayal of the human heart says, “You are what you love.” “

God Provides Through the Miraculous and the Mundane

In this post Luke Holmes poses an astute question, “Why are we surprised when God provides in ways we didn’t see coming?” the Bible, he argues, should be enough to show us other wise.

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