Around the Horn (September 17)

Speaking Truth into a Broken World

“And the truth is, it doesn’t matter what direction you look. The effects of sin and signs of brokenness are everywhere. So how are Christians supposed to live faithfully in a world that celebrates violence and sanctions the sexual exploitation of children? Each day Christians in the United States face myriad problems of unbelievable complexity. What are we to do when the problems are overwhelming and solutions are hard to come by?”

Recovering the Lost Art of Edification

In this post, Jared Wilson poses a question, “I think many of us have lost the art of edification — the art of building each other up — and it’s high time to recover it. Indeed, it is an urgent need at this very moment. What might recovering the lost art of edification look like?”

A Brief Theology of Human Origins

“Scripture presents us with a rich and clear theology of human origins. God, our Creator, describes our beginning, fall, and the hope of redemption in Christ to us in his Word, showing us our identity and purpose as his image-bearers. Understanding human origins according to God’s revelation is essential for a healthy Christian life and a right understanding of the gospel—and as such is essential to our gospel witness to a pagan world.”

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