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Courage Takes More Than a Keyboard: Christian Courage in a Digital Age

“When we talk nowadays about courage, we often mean the kind of courage it takes to write a strongly worded social-media post, or publish a book or article that invites controversy. . . . But in a digital age, this kind of courage is not necessarily hard to come by. We don’t lack for bold keyboards. What we often lack is courage that doesn’t just speak truth to power, but speaks truth to oneself. Our culture of online bravado can mask our weak presence.”

6 Ways We Make Life Harder Than It Needs To Be

In this devotional thought Paul Tripp notes, “This is an oversimplification, but I believe the following statement is true: if Christians lived as if eternity were real, many of our problems would disappear. Each week at church, you and I affirm our belief in heaven and hell, but there is a significant difference between our confessional theology and our functional living. How often did you think of eternity last week, and how did it impact your decisions? If I’m honest, not very much. What about you? Consequently, our lives are much more complicated than they need to be. Our struggles reveal more about our eternity amnesia than it does about the world around us.” Then, Tripp highlights six ways we forget about eternity.

The Proper Response to God’s Gifts is to Enjoy Them

“God created us so that we can glorify him and enjoy him forever. And part of enjoying him is enjoying the gifts that he gives to us. He takes pleasure in our taking pleasure in the good gifts he gives to us. That is, after all, why he gives us good gifts. He is glorified when we enjoy the gifts he gives to us. Part of enjoying him is enjoying his good gifts. Why would he give us good gifts if he didn’t expect us to enjoy them? Only Gnostics want to tell us that material = evil and spiritual = good.”

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