Around the Horn (August 20)

Pastor, beware of subtle self-promotion

“Forget about creating opportunities for yourself; rather, hone your craft and set yourself to labor diligently every day in the work the Lord has put before you. The opportunities will come later, as God sees fit. But at the root of your pastoral work will be a superior task: to walk closely with God through repentance, faith, and a well-ordered personal life that very few people see.”

What To Do After You Preach

In this post, Dave Harvey shares three lessons he has learned over the years that preachers should do after they preach. He points out that the moments after you preach can be a dangerous time.

It is Better to Die Than to Skip Church

What has the COVID-19 pandemic taught you about church? In this post, Jordan Standridge shares, “If there’s anything that the coronavirus pandemic has taught us, it is that gathering with believers is essential. It’s essential for society. It’s essential for the church’s health. It is essential for my soul’s health. . . . I think that this forced church closure has been an opportunity for us to consider just how essential the church is. I’m not talking about essential in a political kind of way, or even a societal one. I’m talking about how essential it is for my soul and yours.”

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