Around the Horn (August 13)

Let Your Dream Church Die

Not matter the community in which you are a part they are not perfect, so how will you respond? This post states you have two options, but most importantly, “As long as we value a dream community over Christlikeness, we will unwittingly work to destroy whatever community we join. But if we value Christlikeness over even our dearest dreams of community, then every slight, every peculiarity, every conflict, and every sin will become an opportunity to become more like the glorious head of this body.”

Gregory of Nyssa – A Lone Voice Against Slavery

Gregory of Nyssa, one of three known as the Cappadocian Fathers, preaching from a passage in Ecclesiastes, runs counter-cultural in his rejection of slavery.

American Culture Is Plagued by a Lack of Christian Morality

In this post Bruce Ashford notes, “As Jewish-American sociologist Philip Rieff argued in My Life Among the Deathworks, the West in general, and the United States in particular, is undergoing a historically-unprecedented experiment. Whereas historically, all civilizations have understood that sacred order (a religio-moral order) shapes cultural institutions and cultural products which, in turn, shape social order (individuals and communities), the contemporary West wishes to rip sacred order out from underneath social order, leaving social order to float on its own.”

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